Baking inspiration: chocolate cakes

Inspired by the first challenge on The Great British Bake Off Final 2019, we've put together some chocolate cake baking inspiration to get you into the kitchen and creating a chocolate masterpiece! 

Rich Dark Chocolate Cake

This rich dark chocolate cake has a beautifully gooey light marshmallow frosting. A perfect frosting for those who don't like buttercream.

Fruit Topped Chocolate Cake

This classic chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream has a fresh decoration of juicy mixed berries. A perfect cake for any celebration.

Chocolate and fruit cake

Chocolate and fruit is a classic flavour combination. Freeze dried raspberries have been added to this Savarin cake and completed with a decoration of ganache and frosted berries.

Peanut Butter and chocolate cake

A sweet and salty flavour combination, this peanut butter and chocolate cake has a light texture and is decorated with thick chocolate ganache and crunchy peanut brittle.

Pear topped chocolate cake

Inspired by Alice's Bake Off Final Chocolate Cake? Pear and Chocolate is a classic combination which adds a sweet fudgey texture to your cake. 

Aerated mousse chocolate cake

Looking for a light chocolate cake? Why not try a light milk chocolate mouse cake. The aerated mouse filling and covering requires little doecoration for a stunning finish.