Designing and creating your dream kitchen

As the old saying goes a kitchen really is the heart of the home and when investing in a kitchen refurbishment you need to make sure you are paying for quality finishes and accessories which will last for many happy years in the kitchen. In this guide we look at key points to consider when designing and creating your dream kitchen. 

Kitchen Design Pantone

Deciding on a new colour scheme for your kitchen can be a minefield choosing from on trend Pantone schemes, classic cottage pastels, a bright and bold modern colour scheme, or a chic contemporary styling. However once you understand how to use the kitchen space you have choosing the right colour scheme is easy!

The first aspects of your kitchen you need to consider are the size and natural lighting. Do you have a small kitchen with a limited window light? To avoid making the kitchen feel smaller, avoid dark colours including navy and mahogany, instead light colours including pastel shades can make the area feel light and airy. Wanting to add a touch of vibrancy to the room, team white with a strong colour such as lime green, zesty orange or rich purples. 

Have a medium or large sized kitchen with plenty of natural light? Avoid relying too much on white or light colours which can make the area feel sparse. Instead include warm or dark tones. White walls can be complemented with beautiful stand out cabinets in rich deep blues, vibrant reds or country cottage feel dove greys and duck egg blues. 

Don't forget about the final touches which can really make your kitchen cabinets stand out. Sleek chrome handles can help to enhance a polished contemporary look, hammered effect knobs can add an extra layer of texture and interest while the stunning finish of a bold brass handle can amplify the rich colours of a dark painted cabinet finish. 

HPKUK Hand Painted Kitchen

beautiful hand painted kitchen cabinets

HPKUK Kitchen 1
HPKUK Painted Kitchen
Bakehouse and Co Bakeware

Investing in the right equipment for your kitchen. 

Investing in durable, rust resistant high quality bakeware and cookware will give you many happy years in the kitchen with delicious results - no more unevenly baked cakes or burnt roasted vegetables. Choosing carbon steel products with a superior non stick coating ensures that food is evenly cooked and easy to release. 

Food storage tins are not only practical but can add character to your kitchen, styles including the quirky Emma Bridgewater collection, cottage style Thornback and Peel or chic Sara Miller London. Coordinating pieces are a great way to store baked goods, cereals, pasta and dried foods. Available in a range of colours and designs, food storage tins are a great way to tie in cabinet colour schemes and finishes. 

Beautiful Hand Painted Kitchens

Not sure where to start with your kitchen renovation and need some expert advice? The fantastic team at HPKUK Ltd have been creating masterpiece hand painted kitchens for years which really do become a stunning focal point in any home. Get in touch with them today to start creating your dream kitchen.