Different Varieties of Pancakes

Sweet or savoury, pancakes are a delicious treat celebrated across the world. With simple store bought ingredients, these quick and easy treats are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. We take a look at some of the different varieties of pancakes from across the globe. Remember pancakes are not just for Pancake Day! 

american pancakes

American Pancakes

Thick and fluffy, American pancakes are traditionally quite small in diameter and served in a stack.

english pancakes

English Pancakes

A Pancake Day classic, English pancakes are thin but perfectly formed for filling and rolling up or folding into quarters. 

dutch baby pancakes

Dutch Pancakes

Similar to a Yorkshire pudding, Dutch Baby Pancakes are cooked in the oven in a cast iron skillet and is generally thicker than most pancakes 

scotch pancakes

Scotch Pancakes

Also known as drop scones, Scotch Pancakes are delicious served hot or cold. Thick yet small in diameter these pancakes are deliciously fluffy.

danish aebleskiver

Danish Pancakes

Cooked in a special pan with spherical moulds, Danish Aebleskiver has a crisp outside with a soft fluffy centre and can be filled with sauces.

french crepes

French Crepes

Larger and slightly thinner than a traditional English pancake, French crepes are usually only cooked on one side unlike the flipped English version.