Don't Forget about these kitchen must haves for your new home

Your new kitchen is in sight and you've remembered to order your kettle, toaster, pan set and cutlery but what about the kitchen essentials you have yet to pick up? Our handy list ensures that you don't forget about these kitchen must haves for your new home.

Home Kitchen

Here's our top 6 kitchen equipment pieces:

  • Pizza Trays - Pizzas are a great quick fix but they rarely fit onto a baking tray, keep a handy pizza tray in your cupboard to give your pizzas a crisp finish every time.
  • Trivet - Protect your new worksurfaces from hot pans, trays and casserole dishes with a heavy duty trivet. 
  • Pasta Spoons, Ladles, Tongs and Turners - These essential kitchen pieces are invaluable for every day use, from serving up spaghetti to turning pancakes and making the perfect omelette.
  • Colanders - Whether you're washing fruit and veg, or draining pasta and noodles, a colander is ideal to strain, drain, rinse and serve food with style. 
  • Food Storage Tins - Make sure you have somewhere to keep your cakes, biscuits, sweet treats and more. Handy food storage tins can be easily stored in a cupboard when not in use and brought out for friends and family when full of goodies. 
  • Cheese Grater - This versatile essential is fantastic during food preparation, suitable for use with hard cheeses, root vegetables and potatoes. 
Wooden Utensils

So now you've got your kitchen cupboard essentials sorted, don't forget about these food essentials.

  • Cornflour - This food cupboard essential is vital for thickening sauces, soups, casseroles, stock and slow cooker sauces.
  • A selection of oils - Olive oil, vegetable oil and sesame oil are great food cupboard essentials, ideal for baking, frying and adding a finishing touch to salads and starters.
  • Honey - Perfect for pepping up breakfasts, spreading on toast or including in your favourite bakes.
  • Stock Cubes - A great way to add flavour to your favourite dishes including soups, stocks, casseroles, rice, sauces and gravy.
  • Cocoa Powder - From a quick hot chocolate to chocolate baked goods including cakes, brownies, cookies and muffins. Cocoa powder is fantastic for needing a quick chocolatey pick-me-up.