indulgent double chocolate tart

Deliciously chocolatey, this indulgent double chocolate tart is the ultimate luxury. A perfect showshopper to finish a meal, serve with seasonal fruit and ice-cream. 

Indulgent Double Chocolate Tart


1 cooked sweet chocolate tart case, 100g milk chocolate, 100g dark chocolate, 1tsp vanilla extract, 3tbsp icing sugar, 200ml whipping cream


  1. Melt the chocolate gently in a glass dish over a pan of simmering water until smooth and lump free.
  2. Stir through the vanilla extract and sift in the icing sugar, gently mixing until fully combined.
  3. Whisk the whipping cream until it is firm and holds its shape then fold into the chocolate mixture using a metal spoon.
  4. Pour the mixture into a cooked and cooled chocolate tart case and chill for 2 hours.