How to Make An Easter Egg

Homemade chocolate Easter Eggs are easy to make and a fantastic alternative to shop bought Easter Eggs to give to friends and family this Easter. We show you how in this easy step-by-step guide. 

Decorated Easter Eggs

You Will Need: Easter Egg Moulds,  400g chocolate (white, milk or dark chocolate)

Polish the inside of your easter egg mould with a piece of kitchen roll, this will help to create a shine on your finished easter eggs.

Break the chocolate up and temper in a glass bowl over a saucepan of water, stir the chocolate whilst melting and remove from the heat before the chocolate has fully melted and continue to stir until the chocolate is smooth.

Spoon chocolate into the mould, and swirl the chocolate around to fully cover the inside of the mould, leave to set and then repeat the process 2-3 times to create a solid shell. 

When fully set, tap the mould lightly on a work surface to remove. 

Fill the egg half with small sweets or chocolates, pipe melted chocolate onto the edge of                                                                                                                                the egg and place the second half on top, leave to set and enjoy your Easter treats!