how to temper chocolate

The key to successful chocolate making is correctly tempering chocolate. Whether you are making individual chocolates, chocolate truffles or chocolate covered strawberries, tempered chocolate is beautifully shiny with a snap rather than dull chocolate which bends! Our easy how to guide will help you become confident in tempering chocolate. 

Tempered Chocolate on Cookies
  1. For the best results use a chocolate with a high cocoa butter percentage such as a couverture chocolate.
  2. Make a bain marie using a pan half filled with boiling water and a glass dish. Put the pan on a gentle heat, ensure that the water does not touch the base of the glass dish. Put the chocolate into the glass dish and gently stir continuously. Using a thermometer ensure that the chocolate does not reach over 115 degrees for milk or dark chocolate and 110 degrees for white chocolate. 
  3. When it has reached 115 degrees remove from the heat and stir until the chocolate temperature reduces to 85 degrees. Then return to the heat until the chocolate reaches 91 degrees - a perfect working temperature for chocolate. Your tempered chocolate is now ready to use!