Ideas for fun decorated doughnuts

A popular versatile treat, doughnuts are great for parties and celebrations. Take your doughnuts to the next level by trying out different flavours, toppings and decorations. We've put together some ideas for fun decorated doughnuts to get you started. Discover our selection of doughnut pans

Iced Doughnuts

Have a fruity finish to your doughnuts by adding a mix of freeze dried and fresh fruit. Brightly coloured butter cream will help hold your fruit in position and create an eyecatching finish. 

Chocolate Ganache Doughnut

Add a touch of grown up glamour to your doughnuts with a rich shiny chocolate ganache and flaked almonds, chocolate vermicelli, gold pearls or mini chocolate crispies.

chocolate doughnuts

A chocoholics dream! These chocolate doughnuts have been topped with white chocolate buttercream and finished with a sprinkling of crushed chocolate biscuits.

Iced and sprinkled doughnuts

A classic finish, these doughnuts have been decorated with a thin layer of coloured icing and multi-coloured sugar sprinkles. Add a flavouring to your icing for extra flavour.

Glazed sugar doughnuts

A simplistic finish to your doughnuts can be achieved by coating with a simple sugar glaze. Glazes can be flavoured with citrus juice for an extra flavour hit.

Seasonal fruit doughnuts

A great way to use up seasonal fruit is to incorporate them into your doughnuts. Finely chopped cherries have been added to the batter and finished with a topped of extra cherries.

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