Ideas for Spooky Halloween Bakes and Treats

Whether you're creating fun spooky bakes with your little monsters or preparing for a Halloween party, we've put together our top ideas for spooky halloween bakes and treats which can be whipped up with minimal effort. 

Eyeball biscuits

Someone's watching you! These fun biscuits have the addition of food colouring as well as edible rice paper eyes, sugarpaste can also be used to create eyes, teeth or mini bones!

Spooky macarons

Add a touch of food colouring to your macaron and the filling can provide an instant spooky theme, the above have been coloured with orange and black but you could also use green, purple or red.

Halloween cupcake

These sweet looking Halloween cupcakes have simple sugarpaste decoration which can be whipped up in minutes. Pumpkins and friendly ghosts are easy to make as well as eyeballs, cats and bats.

Spooky Buns

Spooky sprinkles are an easy way to add a touch of colour to your bakes and great for getting little helpers involved with your spooky bakes. Coloured strands, edible eyes, and gummy worms add an instant hit of Halloween.

Halloween Cheesecake

Having a Halloween party? Why not try add orange and black feathered icing to the top of your baked cheesecake to create a spider web effect. Add an extra layer of spookiness by adding sugarpaste spiders on top.

Pinwheel biscuits

Based on the American sweet treat Candy Corns, these fun pinwheel biscuits are an eyecatching treat for your Halloween table. You can change the theme by using green and purple, red and black or orange and black colouring.