Take Your Brownies To The Next Level With These Flavour Combinations

Delicious served cold or warm with dollops of cream, custard or ice-cream. Brownies are a baking classic adored by people of all ages across the world. You've managed to perfect your classic chocolate brownies and now want to take them further, get some inspiration from our flavour combinations below. Take your brownies to the next level with these flavour combinations.

Crumbling Brownie
  • Coconut Brownies - add desiccated coconut to your brownie mixture to give a tropical twist to your brownies. 
  • Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Brownies - make an extra indulgent treat with the addition of ready chopped hazelnuts to your mixture, when the brownies are fresh out of the oven, cut into squares, make a small indent in each square and gently press a Ferrero Rocher for an extra tasty topping.
  • Layered Caramel Brownies - spoon a third of your brownie mixture into a tin, smooth  Carnation caramel over the top, repeat with brownie mixture, caramel and finally top with a last layer of brownie mixture.
Brownie in a pan with ice cream
  • Peanut Butter Brownies -  spoon your brownie mixture into a tin, melt 200g of crunchy peanut butter until runny, drizzle over the brownie mixture and bake as normal.
  • Raspberry Brownies - add a fruity twist to your brownies with the addition of 200g raspberries, stir half of the raspberries into your mixture, spoon into a tin then top with the remaining raspberries and bake.
  • Orange Brownies - a zesty classic flavour combination, add the zest of 1 large orange to your mixture, when baked, drizzle with melted orange chocolate.
  • Ginger Brownies - a sophisticated combination, add 125g of chopped crystallised ginger to your brownie mixture.