Top Tips for Having a Great BBQ This Summer

BBQ's are an essential part of entertaining during the great British summertime, perfect for family and friends as well as birthdays, wedding and celebrations. Make sure your BBQ is one to remember with our handy tips below.

Kebabs on a barbecue
  • When to start cooking your food -  to ensure your food cooks through properly make sure your coals have turned grey before you start adding your meat.
  • Is it ready yet? - some food can look ready on the outside before they are cooked in the middle, if you're not sure either use a meat thermometer or cut in half to check for an undercooked centre
  • Is frozen food ok? - due to the high cooking temperature on a BBQ frozen food will cook on the outside before they have defrosted in the middle. Make sure you defrost any frozen food item beforehand.
Burgers and Sausages on a barbecue
  • Potatoes and veggies - baked potatoes and sweet potatoes are delicious when cooked on a BBQ and super simple to do. Wash, pierce with a fork, rub with a small drop of olive oil, wrap in foil and place on the grill for 45 mins. 
  • Don't forget about the sides! - make sure you don't over face your guests with meat, whip up a couple of quick sides beforehand including potato salad, flatbreads, corn on the cob and a fresh leafy green salad.
  • Deep clean for your next alfresco meal - once your BBQ has cooled down ensure that you give it a good thorough clean. Grill plates can be steam cleaned or if small placed inside a dishwasher. Hot soapy water can be used to remove stubborn food patches with a BBQ grill brush. Empty old coals out of the base and use warm soapy water to give a good wash out.