Top Tips for Homemade Burgers

Looking to make your own delicious homemade beef burgers? Check out our top tips to help you get perfect results every time!

Homemade Burgers
  • Start with the best! High quality ingredients really make a difference to your burgers, experts recommend a 15-20% fat mince beef.
  • The best way to shape: Make sure you have wet hands when handling and shaping your burgers, this will allow you to form the burger quicker and prevent over handling 
  • Creating a dimple! When you've shaped your burger press down in the middle to create a dimple, this prevents the middle of the burger rising and doming whislt cooking and creates a flatter finish. 
  • Don't press it! One common mistake when cooking burgers is to press them down in the pan or grill, doing this squeezes all the juice and moisture out of the burger.
  • Keeping it juicy! If you are cooking your burgers in a pan, baste them whilst cooking with the juices from the pan to ensure extra juicy burgers. 
  • Don't be too eager! Just like a roasted meat, burgers need time to rest before serving give them 5-10 minutes before serving.