Top Tips for making your own bread

Learning to make your own bread can be one of the most rewarding baking techniques which you can master. Shop bought bread will be a thing of the past as the aroma of homemade bread fills your kitchen! To help you master the art of baking bread we've put together our top tips for a perfect bake every time.

Baker making bread
  • Measure Your Ingredients Accurately- baking bread is a science and ingredients need to be measured as accurately as possible.
  •  Don't Kill The Yeast! - when adding salt to your mixture, ensure it doesn't touch the yeast. Add to separate sides of the mixing bowl and slowly mix together.
  • Knead With Ease - knead your dough mixture with wet hands, this stops the dough from sticking to you and ensures that you do not add extra flour to your mixture.
  • Create Steam - give your bread a classic springy texture by adding steam to your oven. Place a baking tray or frying pan full of boiling water to your oven just before you add your bread to give plenty of steam.
Bread in a loaf pan
  • Crunchy Crusts - enjoy your bread with a crunchy crust? After you've shaped your bread add a sprinkling of fine semolina to top and bake as usual.
  • Soft Crusts - prefer a softer crust on your bread? Giving your bread an egg wash before going in the oven will give your loaf a lovely soft golden crust.
  • Seeded Tops - If your adding seeds to your bake, ensure they don't fall off your bread by brushing your shaped bread with oil or water then rolling in your choice of seeds before baking.


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