Top Tips for the perfect roasted vegetables

Easy to prepare, roasted vegetables make a delicious side to a variety of meals Our top tips will help you create the perfect roasted vegetables time after time. 

The Perfect Roasted Vegetables
  • Cut To The Right Size - vegetables have different cooking times, for example carrots take slightly longer to cook than parnsips so when preparing them either add to the roasting tin slightly later or cut the carrots thinner than the parnsips to ensure even cooking.
  • Don't Overfill The Tray - adding too many vegetables to your roasting tray will effect the cooking time and cause uneven cooking of the vegetables.
  • Adding Oil - a common mistake is to add too much oil to the vegetables making them soggy and fatty in the cooking process. You want to add just enough oil to coat the vegetables, rubbing in with your hands to ensure an even coat. 
  •  Don't Forget To Season! - add a generous amount of pepper, salt and seasoning such as rosemary, oregano, chives or mixed Italian seasoning. You want to make sure each vegetable has a coating.